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Lubbock High School Class of 1954

50th Reunion Photos 8

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Patti Hill King, Rebecca Wilson Wylie and Janice Newsom Tapp
(Background Revis Jordan Gowan), Sidney Stone Anderson and Jimmy Joe Stanford
Beth Gordon Sides, Joe Gray, Revis Jordan Gowen and Mary Jane HartleyShannon

Jerry Gilliland, Leonard and Arlene Jarett

Powell Johnson, Jr., Shell Cunningham, Bobby Key and Geree Cunningham

[left background Jerry Stone (Shirley Caldwell‘s husband)]  George Nelson

Walter Schuler, Sylvia Billings Etter, Glenda Keyton, Gaynelle Schuler and Joe Dale Bryan

Jean Steele (Jim’s wife) and Nancy Stephens Brownfield [background Charlene Starr Jones (back, blue flowered blouse), Fern Graham Roberson (purple) and Ruth Pettigrew Spears]

Joe T. Garrison, Faye Graham Roberson (back), Dick McIlhaney, Ruth Pettigrew Spears (back), Lynn Davis and Johnny Davis

Leonard Jarett and Jerry Gilliland

Sylvia Billings Etter and Mary Ann Munn Putnam

Arlene Jarett, Sidney Stone & Wayne Anderson and Leonard Jarett

View from balcony

Janie Tripp Box (’64) and ?

? , Dale Ball and R. G. Box

View from balcony

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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